A new investment life

We support your real estate transactions

We invest in your projects while bringing you our expertise in real estate operations

More than funding, a strong partnership!

Validate the opportunity

Talk to our experts to validate the project's BP, location and potential added value.

Carrying out the operation

Take advantage of our network of partners to help you fund and develop your real estate project.

Benefit from added value

Pocket your share of the capital gain according to your level of involvement in the SCI/SAS capital.

(future) property developer

A property developer buys, renovates (or transforms) a property in order to resell it quickly. You too can become a full- or part-time property developer and benefit from attractive capital gains.

We're with you every step of the way.

Financial validation

Our experts will analyze your project to ensure that it is profitable. This study is non-binding.

Additional funding

If required, and if we have validated the profitability of your project, we can provide you with funds to complement your own contributions and bank funding.

Support and benefits

We provide you all kinds of tools, tips, discounted rates and advice to ensure that your project runs smoothly right through to final sale.

Frequently asked questions

Because we know you have many questions, here are the ones we've heard the most.

Who manages the company that owns the product?
The president of the SPV is the person who holds the largest share of the capital, based on the contribution he or she made at the time of the company's creation and/or in the form of a shareholder's current account. The distribution of capital is specific to each project, and we can provide you, as property developers, with a wide range of legal documents to help you manage this partnership relationship.
Can I fund an operation without a deposit?
It's perfectly possible to fund a project with little or no capital outlay, since the funds contributed by HB arrive in the form of an interest-bearing partner's current account. The distribution of the capital gain will depend on the distribution of the capital.
What if this is my first real estate project?
You've come to the right place! We're here to support you every step of the way, from setting up the company that will own the property, to negotiating with your banking partner, to setting up the club deal.

An expert eye on your project

Whether you're an established professional or have a project opportunity, we're here to help you make it happen.

Our partners

We surround ourselves with the best specialists to help you with every aspect of your real estate project.

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Matthieu de Rent
Matthieu de Rent assists us in the planning and execution of our real estate operations.
BPI France
BPI France nous accompagne dans le financement de notre croissance.
Geirec, with nearly 40 years' experience, helps us produce the accounting documents we need to run our projects smoothly.
Jeantet is one of France's leading independent business law firms, and we work together to ensure the legal suitability of our products.